Collaboration with our clients is the heart of our creative process! Your musical aesthetic is what inspires us and it’s the foundation for the customized set we’ll mix live for you and your guests the night of the party. We don’t cap the number of songs you can request and we don’t have a minimum either. We also don’t give you a list of songs to select from – this just produces regurgitated, tired soundtracks. We build a fresh playlist each night, never recycling from past events, so that the day’s music is handcrafted to compliment your style. So start building that request list!

Use Spotify, Google Docs, a pen and paper – it really doesn’t matter how you choose to capture your music requests, just start developing that list now. If you’re at a restaurant, working out, driving to work or walking the dog – however and wherever you listen to music  – if you hear a song / artist / genre that you love, add it to the list. It’s that simple. Don’t overthink it, let us be the filter and you just throw us the inspo. (side note : Do Not Play lists are also extremely informative)

Throughout the event and ultimately on the dance floor, we’ll showcase the tracks that mean the most to you while avoiding cringe-worthy party staples like YMCA and I Gotta Feeling that can drag your event into a beige, audio sameness. Our technical skills (beatmatching, mixing, blending in key) and open-format mixing style allow us to adapt on the fly and read the dancefloor so that we can be fluid and responsive to the energy of the party.

Open-format means that we are extremely adaptable and can mix in any genre you’d like to hear. This gives you the freedom to let your requests reflect your eclectic musical tastes. Stevie Wonder into LCD Soundsystem. It can be done. Love soul and rockabilly but also EDM and Hip-Hop. We can blend those worlds together in a way that energizes and fills the dance floor.

We’re focused and dedicated to making sure the party goes off, but we don’t take ourselves  too seriously or lose sight of the fact that we are playing music that makes people want to celebrate and get down!