Aubrey Henderson

Growing up in Shreveport Louisiana, a full drum kit held court in Aubrey’s living room. Friends with members of various touring bands, her Mom had installed the set for impromptu jam sessions. This early domestic exposure to beats led to Aubrey to audition for the snare drum in middle school, but sadly, she was soon demoted to playing the triangle.

After high school, Aubrey and her mom moved to California where she first exposed to DJ culture. At a weekly party called “Banana Split,” she heard DJ AM, a master of blending rock with hip-hop. Inspired, Aubrey saved up and bought her first set of decks from a pair of club regulars named Joe and Big Sexy.

“The first time I touched turntables it just felt like everything was in the right place. I often have lots of things going on in my head simultaneously. With DJing, I got to listen to a bunch of songs at the same time and it made sense. Things were in sync.”

Soon she was DJing at perennial LA venues like The Viper Room, The Echo, and The Standard. It was there that she met Michelle, a fellow DJ on the roster. The two quickly became friends and would go on to found Haute Mobile Disco, a premiere DJ collective based in LA.

Since moving to Colorado, Aubrey has split time between DJs events in Denver metro and the mountains and traveling back to California to perform for HMD.

“I love sharing music ideas and the process of getting to the ‘yeah, me too’ look from someone dancing to your sounds.”

That appreciative nod from a fan on the dancefloor reacting to an obscure but funky track is supplemented by more popular tracks – when the whole room reacts as if to collectively say “this is my song.” And she loves mixing the old with the new.

“I’m always confused when I play an old, soul jam and someone says ‘I can’t believe you know this song.’ Why wouldn’t I know this song? Good music is ageless, timeless.”