It started over tacos…

Aubrey and I, connected through a mutual musician friend, were on a professional “blind date” of sorts – just two DJs talking shop at a neighborhood spot in the Highlands. We soon discovered that our lives shared almost eerily cohesive backgrounds. Carnitas with a side of synchronicity… and guac.

We both had recently relocated to Colorado from Los Angeles. In LA, we each co-owned successful DJ collectives (RedShoe and Haute Mobile Disco) and we’d played at many of the same spots around the city. We both cut our teeth on Hip-Hop and built careers out of something we had initially done for free – for the love of the music and parties. Aubrey and I were both commuting every other weekend back to California to spin and, though neither of us could claim “Native” stickers, we each had plans to build something fresh in our new home state.

“I want to keep it non-cheesy.”

“Me too.”

“I like a boutique, non-catalog DJ company. Clients need to know the person they initially meet with will be the same face they see behind the decks at the party.”


“Collaboration is what keeps curating music for parties exciting creatively. I have the most success when getting specific input from clients so that I can customize each part of the soundtrack to reflect their tastes.”

“Big Time.”

“Also, as DJs, we’re playing music for people to dance to at parties, you can’t take yourself too seriously or be too precious about what you play. You have to have fun for the crowd to have fun.”

“I totally agree.”

Then the big one…

“I think it’s essential that a DJ actually mixes the music together. That you beat match and blend, sync tracks, mix in key, tease, use loops and samples – that you capitalize on the tools at your disposal to heighten the work of the artists whose songs you’re showcasing in your sets in order to more effectively engage the crowd.”

“All day.”

I could be wrong, but I feel like something could be going on – Brandy

So Aubrey and I started DJing around Denver as a duo and discovered that our individual DJ styles were heightened when playing off each other. Her skills and track selections meshed and elevated my own. It was clear that what had started out as a serendipitous meet-and-greet was turning into a full-fledged creative partnership. And, with that, The Get Down was born.